Género: Metal
Lugar de Origen: Chihuahua, Chih., Mx.



Nowhere started in 2004 in Chihuahua, México, after the break up of the band where Alma (vocalist), Angel (guitarist) & Daniel (Bass) used to play. They started rehearsin’ only as a hobbie, but the songs started to flow, so they decided to recruit some new memebers (Martín “Charal” on the keyboards, Loya on Guitar, Javier Cruz (Ex-“7”) on Male Vocals and Marco on Drums (Ex-G.o.D). They had some g…igs with bands like Cruentuz, Umbrae, Earworm, End Fallen, Demiurgo, Illuminati, etc., with good response from the people. Unfortunately Alma (Female Vocals), J. Cruz (Male Vocals), and Marco (Drums) decided to leave the band, all of them for different matters (school, work, lack of time, etc.). Later Daniel Gonzáles (a.k.a. Shax) joined the band as a drummer, later Valeria Flores joined Nowhere as a singer, leaving us for personal matters, and right now Carlos a.k.a “Mosh” does the vocal parts, bringing a new sound to the band, right now Nowhere have a new drummer (Dracul) and a new singer, Daniel’s Jack.

¿Porqué decidieron hacer música?

Nowhere nace por la necesidad de sus integrantes de hacer la música que nos gusta.

Si pudieran describir a su proyecto con una sola palabra, ¿cuál sería?



Venom IX, Daniel’s Jack, Loya, The Black Dahny Murder, Dracul.


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